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Hinges and flaps fittings are among the most important parts of furniture. They make the movement smoother, easier and they provide safety to the users.

The hinges can be of different kinds. They can be visible or hidden. The flap fittings are used on drawers and doors of cabinets so that they can be opened smoothly.

But what exactly do hinges and flap fittings do?

Flap fittings are basically used for securing doors. You can use them for locking purposes as well. The flap fitting will help you in keeping the door locked tightly so that no one can open it easily.

The hinges play a major role in making the furniture movable from one place to another place. You will rarely find furniture which is not movable by using hinges.

All types of hinges are available!

There are a variety of different types of hinges for furniture. Each hinge has a specific function and is used in a different type of furniture.

The most common hinge types available include:

Ball-bearing full mortise hinges – These hinges are used on cabinets with doors that are more than 4 feet tall because the hinges need to support the weight of the door. They provide smooth, effortless operation and are ideal for high-end cabinetry.

Ball-bearing self-closing hinges – These hinges offer the same smooth, effortless performance as ball-bearing full mortise hinges. However, they also incorporate a spring mechanism that automatically closes the door when it is released. This is an ideal choice for cabinets with doors that close slowly or unevenly, or for use in areas where children may be around for safety purposes.

Full overlay hinges – These hinges are used in situations where the cabinet door overlaps both sides of the cabinet frame all the way to the corner. Full overlay hinges give you maximum lateral movement while maintaining superior strength and durability.

Semi-overlay ball bearings – A combination of ball bearing and semi-overlay construction makes this hinge style ideal for use in environments where mechanical reliability, smooth operation, strength, and durability are important considerations. 

The butt hinge or butt joint: the strongest of the three and is used in the biggest furniture items. This hinge is made up of two parts, one fixed and one that moves, like a door

The cup hinge: usually found on kitchen cabinets and doors. It can also be used for desk drawers and armoires

The mortise hinge (or European hinge): has a hole that goes all the way through the door or drawer, into the item it is mounted on. This type of hinge is quite difficult to install. The holes must be drilled properly and at precisely the right spot. The mortise hinge comes in single acting (also called British), meaning it opens only from the bottom, and double-acting (also called American), which opens top and bottom

An astragal hinge is commonly known as a quarter-sawn or ogee profile. The design was developed by Samuel Beckett in 18th century England. 

Hinges are available in a variety of different designs, which means that there is a design to suit every type of furniture. For example, if you have a chest of drawers then you can choose from a number of different styles including Mitre and Butt Hinges but if you have cupboards then you will need something more substantial such as a butt or double butt hinge. The important thing is to ensure that you choose the right hinge for your particular needs.

There are also different types of materials that can be used to produce hinges for furniture. Some people prefer brass or steel hinges because they are more durable than wooden ones and it is possible to find hinges made from other materials such as aluminum.

If you want to change your existing furniture then replacing existing hinges with new ones is relatively easy to do but if you are building from scratch then choosing the right type of hinge at the outset will save you time and money.

Flap fittings for all your needs

We have different types of flap fittings for furniture. But the most common flap fittings for furniture are the channel flaps, French flaps, and standard flaps. The channel flap is used on panels and doors with no exposed wood grain.

One advantage of channel flaps is that they can be installed easily on a finished door that already has hinges attached. The disadvantage is that the surface must be perfectly flat to accommodate the channel. It's also necessary to have a solid surface, such as a hardwood floor, because the flap won't sit flat against carpeting. You can install French and standard flap fittings on unfinished wooden doors or doors with only exposed paintable veneer. However, you have to have a flat surface to attach them to, such as a hardwood floor or even drywall.

The standard flap is not as affected by irregularities in a door's surface as the French flap is, but it has less coverage than the French flap does. Standard flaps are often used on pocket doors, especially in bathrooms where water might get splashed on them frequently.

French flaps are more common than standard flaps and provide more coverage. They're also used when there isn't enough room for a standard flap to be installed properly.

Others include:

The four other types of flap fittings for furniture are:

1. Wall fittings: These are the most commonly used flap fittings and they come in different sizes and shapes depending upon their use. They are used to hang flat trays, frames, mirrors, and paintings on the walls.

2. Floor fitting: These fittings are used to hang heavy lamps and other decorative items on the floor.

3. Table fitting: Fittings with a hole in the middle are used to hold vases, plaques, candle stands, and other similar items on tables.

4. Metal fitting: These are made from metal and are used to decorate or display items like plants, baskets, and candles on walls with no protruding nails.

Get the best hinges and flap fittings for your furniture

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We have various kinds of hinges. Latch, Hinges for furniture and other heavyweight items, Swivel Hinges for doors, Swivel Hinges for Furniture, and many more.

The hinges that we produce are used in a variety of places such as in Furniture, doors, windows, etc. We provide many different types of hinges and flap fittings. Flap fittings are mainly used on doors to provide a smooth close or opening of the door.

Hinges: Hinges are mainly used in furniture to hold the parts together. We can make your furniture look more elegant by adding these small yet useful things to your furniture's design.

Flap fittings: Are mainly used on doors (and windows) to provide a smooth close or opening of the door/window. The main reason behind the flap fitting being installed on a door is to prevent dust from entering the room when it is opened and closed. There are various kinds of flap fittings available on the marketplace.
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