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Cabinet hinges: always choose quality

Hinges for classic or sliding wardrobes, all you need to know before buying one

It often happens to judge a wardrobe and to evaluate it only on an aesthetic level. Functionality is rarely evaluated and even more rarely a piece of furniture is judged by the quality of its wardrobe hinges.
Yet it is on the hinges that its usability, its duration over time and its quality may depend. For this reason we have prepared a small guide to choosing the best wardrobe hinges.

Hinges for built-in or corner wardrobe

The choice of hinge cannot be generic. Each wardrobe wants its own hinge, each door requires a hinge suitable for weight and functionality. Hinges for wardrobe with fixed door or hinges for wardrobe with sliding door.
Snap hinges, hammer hinges, biscuit hinges, concealed hinges, hinge with multiple joints to guarantee different opening and closing widths. The list of hinges for wardrobes could be endless because the furniture solutions and easy to use solutions for wardrobe doors can be really different.
One of the environments where wardrobe hinges can make a difference is the bedroom. This is where the most important cabinets usually find space, those with heavier doors and which need quality cabinet hinges. The duration and resistance in this type of domestic environment obviously cannot be ignored, to always guarantee complete closure and full functionality of the opening and closing mechanisms.

Hinges for kitchen cabinets

Another area of ​​the house, where perhaps the risk of wear due to the hinges of the cabinets is even greater, is that of the kitchen. Also in this case there are different types of cabinets, intended to contain objects and dishes of all kinds. And the openings of the wardrobes can be with hinged door or flap door. The hinge must therefore be calibrated on the specific use that will be made of it.

Saving on the cost and quality of the hinges therefore makes no sense, because it could turn out to be an additional cost item to be incurred over time. And the cost at that point could not be limited to replacing the hinge of the door alone, but to the whole piece of furniture.

How to choose quality wardrobe doors

Obviously, no one is an expert in cabinet hinges and, when choosing a piece of furniture, unless you are a furniture fitter yourself, it can be really difficult to find your way.

For this reason, do not hesitate to ask about the quality of the hinges. In fact, even in the presence of good materials, hinges for poor cabinets can prove to be a real problem. This is why many furniture manufacturers today offer specific guarantees on cabinet hinges. Because it is understood how this element can make the difference between a piece of furniture of excellent quality and a piece of furniture of poor quality. Because the hinges for wardrobes represent the element that, more than others, can offer usability over time.
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