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Furniture handles

Furniture handles: how to choose the most suitable one

Design, economic, classic or modern. What are the best furniture handles.

They are a necessary element, but also a decorative one, furniture handles can really make the difference both for the quality of a piece of furniture and for the aesthetics of the furniture.

There are really many types of furniture handles on the market: drawer handles, cabinet handles, door handles. And they are obviously present in all rooms of the house, so their functional and aesthetic characteristics must be carefully studied.

Classic or design handles

The beauty of the handles is that they can be changed at any time. Of course, it will be difficult for anyone to think of replacing a handle on a valuable piece of furniture. It could modify its appearance but also compromise its original usability and its value.

But it is certainly true that, in most cases, changing the handle of a piece of furniture can give another face not only to a piece of furniture but to the whole style of furniture.
And so, a room with an anonymous flavor can take on its own style and become a classic thanks to one or more classic style handles, or decidedly more modern and minimal with the addition of a design handle. And why not, you can create a contamination between different styles, combining classic handles with modern furniture and vice versa, to give an absolutely personal and original touch to the furniture and furnishings of your home.
This is how the handle can be transformed from being a functional element to a decorative element and, in the case of fine handles, a real piece of furniture.
The handles can thus represent an economical solution to give a different face to your style and furniture, of a single room, or of the whole house. There will be no need for big ideas or overspending. Renovation work or a radical change of furniture. Sometimes a simple detail is enough, an extra detail to change one's stylistic code.

Furniture handles: best prices

It is not possible to define an average price for a furniture handle. Like any component, capable of being deeply customizable, even furniture handles can have very variable prices.

The materials used obviously make the difference. You can go from simple plastic, to more precious woods, to advanced materials that guarantee lightness and eternal durability of furniture handles.

And then, obviously, the aesthetic factor takes over that can transform a simple handle into a real design object, which can be very expensive if compared to the more cheap plastic furniture handles.

There are extensive catalogs of furniture handles online, where you can really find the answer to everyone's needs, even the most specific ones. Shapes, materials, prices of furniture handles are truly endless. The most obvious suggestion, but never to be underestimated, is to always favor functionality with aesthetics: it would be a shame to have a nice furniture handle which, however, will make it tiring every time you have to open a drawer or a wardrobe.
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