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Furniture hardware: do you know that space-saving elements can be created with hinges and guides?

More and more people are living in small houses, often very small ones. Yes, because over the years the price of real estate as well as leases have seen their price increase dramatically. Precisely for this reason, space-saving furniture is the most popular today, trendy furniture that is often, however, for this very reason made to pay a little more than it should. To save money, you can always rely on DIY. In fact, a few wooden tops, some possible legs or handles, and hardware elements for furniture such as hinges and guides are enough and here it is possible to give life to many solutions.

Furniture hardware: hinges are very useful

Many people believe that hinges are only useful for opening furniture doors. In reality this is not the case. Hinges are also useful for creating surfaces that flip open. For example, you can create a wall-mounted drop-down table. When closed, the table sits nice and quiet against the wall of the room, occupying just the space of its surface, like a painting. When it opens, however, it allows you to have a good support surface, a full-fledged dining table or a desk. It is also possible to create a small table with flap doors, small and ideal for just two people, but which with a single practical gesture turns into a large ataolo, ideal for dinners with relatives or friends.

And the guides?

With the guides it is possible to give life to a table that can be pulled out, to a cutting board to pull out to have an extra work surface in the kitchen, to a desk support on which to place the computer keyboard. These are all elements that when closed do not take up any space in the house, on the contrary they are completely invisible. With a single simple gesture, they become visible, transforming the room into a highly functional place, perfect for all the activities that must be carried out there.

Furniture hardware: some useful advice on purchasing

Here are some useful tips on the purchase of hinges, guides, but also handles, knobs, locks, joints and other similar elements necessary for the construction of a piece of furniture:
● It is preferable to make the purchase directly online. This way you have the opportunity to save a lot of money. Not only that, you also have the certainty of finding the product available, since online stores have huge warehouses. Without forgetting the convenience of receiving what you need directly to your home.
● Whenever possible, it is best to choose the most important and reputable brands in the industry, which are synonymous with guarantee, reliability and safety.
● Pay attention to the materials chosen for the realization of the elements you need. To last a long time, they must in fact be high quality, resistant and robust materials.
● Go to the online search for tutorials and magazines dedicated to do-it-yourself, so as to find many ideas and ideas from which to draw inspiration and so as to discover the thousand uses of each single element of furniture hardware.
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