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Furniture wheels

The different uses of furniture wheels, from furniture to the reuse of old furniture.

The wheels for furniture are not always installed, and can be mounted later for logistical or furnishing needs. In some cases, furniture manufacturers leave the possibility to choose whether to use a piece of furniture in a fixed position or to add the wheels that are supplied with the piece of furniture.
The wheels for home furniture can prove to be very useful in the most disparate situations and for the most particular needs. This guide presents the best furniture wheels and their possible uses, both on new and old furniture.

How many types of furniture wheels are there

To choose the most suitable furniture wheels, you must first ask yourself what type of furniture they will be mounted on and the uses that will be made of them.
The weight of the piece of furniture will obviously have its importance, because the chosen wheels must be able to withstand its weight both in the moving phase and in the static phase.
And it is very important to carefully evaluate the type of furniture, because it is by no means certain that the wheels can be applied to all types of furniture. For example, an old and imposing chest of drawers will hardly find suitable wheels.

And above all, it is necessary to evaluate not only the weight of the piece of furniture empty or without objects resting on its surface - for example a desk - but also when it is fully loaded. Do not make the mistake of installing the wheels by calculating only the weight of the empty piece of furniture, because you run the risk that, once filled, it could collapse on the wheels with the consequent damage.

Wheels with brake or without brake

Furthermore, it will be necessary to evaluate whether you want furniture wheels with brakes or free wheels without brakes. Much will obviously depend on the type of furniture and its use. A heavy piece of furniture, which will rarely be moved, will obviously need a brake, which is nothing more than a small lever to be lowered and raised with the foot. On the other hand, in the case of small furniture or tables without a particular need for loading, the wheels can also be without brakes.
The wheels for furniture with brakes are those in iron which, unlike those in plastic, offer greater guarantees of sealing and durability over time, especially when the movements to which the furniture is subjected are more frequent and the weight is greater.

Why mount wheels on a piece of furniture

The reasons for installing wheels on a piece of furniture can be the most diverse. Meanwhile, there may be reasons related to greater ease of cleaning the environments. In fact, the wheels, allowing the furniture to be moved more easily, facilitate the cleaning of the underlying spaces.
Furthermore, especially in the presence of more precious floors, the wheels allow movement without effort and without damaging the floor itself with unsightly and harmful strips.
The other purpose is linked to the possibility of reusing furniture that no longer has its own functionality: old wall cabinets, recovered as floor furniture for example.
But the furniture wheels also become an excellent tool for DIY furniture creations-
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